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I'm Ashley. 24. Quiet, shy, awkward. I ♥ anime. Reading. Games. Movies. Stuff.
My daughter, Luna Celeste, was born on April 5th ♥
Student in college. Working mom.
Finally feel like a grown up...
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You're still on my mind, too. I still have the graduation photo you gave me back in 2008 hanging on my mirror. ^_^ But you've moved on with your life and I don't think you need my negativity weighing you down. But I'm happy for you!!!!

But I want you in my life. There’s always a place you and I’ve been waiting for you to come back now for over two years.

Long lost

Sep 24th at 8PM / 0 notes

Kristy Pratts- you are still on my mind after this much time. Always. Hope all is well. 

Sep 24th at 8PM / 0 notes

Just checked my email and saw you messaged me on that fb pages I thought I deleted? Anyways, I am alive! :D Thanks for still caring about me. Hope you and fam are doing well. And your baby is so cute wth!!!!!!! bb panda!!!


Grr. Why do you have to be anonymous? CONTACT ME. PLEASE. 

Jun 18th at 9PM / 0 notes

Kristy-if you’re out there, please just email me. You don’t have to talk to me, but I want to know you’re okay, alive.

Apr 13th at 4PM / 0 notes

Apr 13th at 4PM / 0 notes

Still miss you, panda.

Jun 1st at 2PM / via: anywigwilldo / op: tsukise / 14,389 notes

Kotonoha no Niwa | Scenery

Love my baby! 2 months old today

May 31st at 1AM / 0 notes





I guess she’s gone. What can I do?

I cannot make you want to be around me.

Goodbye Panda

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