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I'm Ashley. 24. Quiet, shy, awkward. I ♥ anime. Reading. Games. Movies. Stuff.
My daughter, Luna Celeste, was born on April 5th ♥
Student in college. Working mom.
Finally feel like a grown up...
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Jun 18th at 9PM / 0 notes

Kristy-if you’re out there, please just email me. You don’t have to talk to me, but I want to know you’re okay, alive.

Apr 13th at 4PM / 0 notes

Apr 13th at 4PM / 0 notes

Still miss you, panda.

Jun 1st at 2PM / via: anywigwilldo / op: tsukise / 13,997 notes

Kotonoha no Niwa | Scenery

Love my baby! 2 months old today

May 31st at 1AM / 0 notes





I guess she’s gone. What can I do?

I cannot make you want to be around me.

Goodbye Panda

Photo shoot

May 5th at 11PM / 0 notes

May 4th at 8PM / 0 notes

My darling

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